I do love to talk especially in front of a crowd and have done several times. Below is a lists of talks I have given in the past.

Look ma, no framework

In a world where there is a continual churn of javascript framework all with different ideas and compromise to be made, you could be forgiven to throw them all out and do it all yourself.

Thats what this developer did after 2 years of developing a JS heavy front end I decided to change tack and develop a front end application with no framework, few dependencies and re-discover just what standard javascript can do.

In this talk I will go over my experiences of working with no framework, the considerations made, frustrations and overall would I do it again?

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Karma, Saucelabs and Gulp

Demo of using karma, saucelabs and gulp for cross browser javascript testing

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Automating with Grunt Js

Every language has a build tool, Ruby has rake, .NET has PSake, C has Make and now javascript has Grunt.js, an excellent little build tool for all those javascipt jobs that need to be automated.

This talk will look at the basics of Grunt.js with setting it up to do things like compress javascript and css, compile coffee script, run test and along with using the power of node to automate other tedious tasks.

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Ruby in 60 Minutes

Over the last 10 years Ruby has become the language for startups and is now being accepted in to the enterprise setup.

In this talk we will look the basics of the Ruby language and some tools, frameworks and libraries that can help you develop great applications in little time.

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Cooking Up Environments with Chef

Configuring development, staging and production environments from scratch can be and extremely boring and time consuming task that only grows as your company grows.

Chef is a tool that helps you deal with configuring any number of environments that can be as easy as a single click. In this talk I will show the basics of starting out with chef and talk about my experiences of creating chef scripts that make it a breeze to scale your infrastructure, or just rebuild your development environment when you delete that all important system file.

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Rails, Tips from the pros

Starting with ruby on rails and getting something small working is really quite easy. But what if you building something more substantial with lots of moving parts and lots of business logic. Chances are the way you did it the first time probably won’t work, so how do you do it.

In this talk I’ll bring together all the recent advice coming out from the expert ruby community and explain where these things have come from and why you should be using them on you next money making idea.

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Being dynamic in ruby

It should come as no surprise that Ruby is a dynamic language but do you know how to use this to you advantage. In this talk we will look at how to use Ruby’s dynamic nature to keep you code DRY, write less code and make your code easier to maintain. As a final example we will see how to use these same tricks how to create a simple DSL

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From .NET to Rails

In May 2010 I changed jobs, leaving the land of .NET to the world of Ruby on Rails.

In this talk I will go over what I found easy, hard or just completely misunderstood when starting with Ruby and Rails. While focusing on my experiences we will also look at the differences between .NET development and Ruby development.

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Dependency Injection with Castle Windsor

Sorry lost all abstracts and code for this, but it was a long time ago.

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